Chef Abdul’s Chicken Biryani / Mutton Biryani
(Chef Abdul’s signature aromatic biryani made from fresh & selective masala which is served piping hot with Mirchi Ke Salan & Cuchumber Salsa)
Tandoori Chicken Biryani (Full/ Half)
(8 Pieces chicken cuts for full & 4 pieces of chicken cuts for half cooked with different flavours of tandoor homemade masalas & presented on the flavourful Chef Abdul’s biryani)
Afghani Chicken Biryani / Mutton Biryani
(Crispy & Juicy chicken which is served on the bed of aromatic basmati biryani)
Egg Fried Rice Biryani / Noodle Biryani
(Desi style delicious tongue tickling fusion option for a change)
Chicken Tikka Fried Rice Biryani / Noodle Biryani
(Indo – Chinese culinary exposure is set on fire where juicy pieces of BBQ tender chicken tossed in fried rice or Fried Noodles)
Egg Biryani
(2 Boiled Egg stuffed with chopped dry fruits and sautéed in biryani masala & served on the bed of aromatic biryani rice)
(Aromatic jeera rice kept on dum with flavourful chicken stock & whole spices served along with following options)
Biryani Rice
Chef’s Weekend Special Biryani Chicken / Mutton
(Kashmir Biryani, Awadhi Biryani, Ambur Biryani, Ulavacharu Biryani, Delhi Biryani, Punjabi Biryani, Mandi Biryani, Hariyali Biryani, Guntur Biryani, Hyderabad Biryani, Chettinad Biryani)
Biryani Rice + Chicken Kebab (Bone) 4 piece
Biryani Rice + Chicken Kebab (Boneless) 5 Piece
Biryani Rice + Chicken Kebab Leg (Whole) 1 piece
Biryani Rice + Tandoori Chicken Leg (Whole) 1 piece
Tandooriwala Veg Biryani
(An iconic biryani made from fresh veggies & fresh herbs and cooked along with fragrant basmati rice)
ChettinadMushroom Biryani
(Flavourful jeera rice cooked in Chettinadu masala along with vegetables on which crispy BBQ oyster mushroom is served & served along with Cucumber Raitha& Cuchumber Salad)
Kashmiri Paneer Pulao
(If there is heaven, it is here, it is here… it is here…saffron flavoured pulao is a unique dish, with a richness that reflects the spirit of the beautiful valley)
Hyderabadi BBQ Tawa Biryani
(Enjoy our BBQ tawa biryani from the Nawab’s kitchen with tongue tickling flavours)
Green Peas & Methi Pulao
(We prepare one of the best green peas pulao from the scratch with aromatic lite spices & basmati rice)
Palak Chaman Pulao
(Delicious Indian delight made from freshly procured spinach & cooked gently with Indian freshly ground spices)