Who is Chef Abdul?
Chef Abdul is an Internationally recognized as a talented Indian Chef with Master's Degree in Hotel Management from France. He is having an experience as a Michelin Star Chef for 12 years and World Wide experience working with renowned chefs for overall 18 years. Chef Abdul is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor to many in the field of hospitality industry.
What is the business concept of Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala?
Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala is an Indian Barbecue Concept in which Tandoor is an integral part of the menu. The ingredients are kept fresh & the masalas are prepared ourselves to maintain quality consistency. Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala is not just another tandoor cuisine restaurant but, it is the world of unimaginable varieties of traditional and contemporary cuisines of India. Chef Abdul has incorporated his International Cooking Skills into every dish prepared across Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala Restaurants.
What are the various business options to have Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala Franchise?
Investment Models Investment One Investment Two Investment Three Food Court Cloud Kitchen
Area (Min - Max). 1500 Sqft - 2000 Sqft 1000 Sqft - 1500 Sqft 500 Sqft - 1000 Sqft 250 Sqft - 500 Sqft 1500 Sqft - 2000 Sqft
Total Investment Including Franchise Fee. 50 Lakh 35 Lakh 24 Lakh 15 Lakh 27 Lakh
Royalty % on Revenue. 3% 3% 3% 15,000 3%
Term. 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Location Criteria. 1. Standalone High Footfall Location. 1. Standalone High Footfall Location. 1. Standalone High Footfall Location. 1. Space beside to the Mall Theatre & Entertainment Zone. 1. Commercial or Industrial Space away from Pest & Rodent Issue.
2. Parking Facility. 2. Parking Facility. 2. Parking Facility. 2. Known Mall 2. Location nearby to 5 Happening Areas.
3. Water & Drainage Facility. 3. Water & Drainage Facility. 3. Water & Drainage Facility. 3. Water & Drainage Facility. 3. Water & Drainage Facility.
4. Nearby to any known Landmark. 4. Nearby to any known Landmark. 4. Nearby to any known Landmark. 4. Next to Recognized Brands. 4. Internet & Telephone Facility.
5. Preferably Ground Floor. 5. Preferably Ground Floor. 5. Preferably Ground Floor.
Timeline to Start the Business After Signing the Agreement. 60 Days 60 Days 45 Days 45 Days 60 Days
No of Seaters. 84 64 44 common NA
Total No of Staffs. 24 18 12 6 4
ROI Period (in Months) 4 4 5 4 4
What are the support given to the franchise by Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala Team?

Pre Open Support

1. Location Feasibility. 6. Marketing Activity (Online).
2. 2D & 3D. 7. Sharing Designs for Local Printing Purpose.
3. Manpower Recruitment & Training. 8. Local Vendor Selection.
4. Project Implementation. 9. Press Meeting & Food Tasting.
5. SOP Implementation. 10. Grand Opening.

Post Open Support

1. Weekly Manpower Performance Review. 9. Seasonal Menu Training & Launch.
2. Monthly Operation Auditing. 10. Half Yearly Workshop on HACCP Standards.
3. Quarterly Marketing Review & Development. 11. Quarterly Workshop on Garbage Management.
4. Monthly Food Hygiene & Sanitation Auditing. 12. Monthly Food Cost Analysis & Advice.
5. Manpoer Recruitment if Any & Orientation. 13. Monthly Food Fest Menu Development & Training.
6. Half Yearly Franchise Meet for Idea Exhange & Development. 14. Yearly Meeting with Chef Abdul for Awarding the Best Restaurant of the Year.
7. Weekly Surprise Visits for Quality Check. 15. Daily Software Update Automatically.
8. Quarterly Menu Engineering.
What will be the typical menu and the approximate menu price of Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala?

Kindly click on this link to view our latest menu.

Who will search for the best location for Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala Franchise?
The Franchisee applicant must search at least 3 to 4 locations to select the best suitable for Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala business.
What is the work flow of owning the franchise of Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala?
1. Apply Online
2. Our Representative will call you for the discussion.
3. Send us the location details (Photos & Videos of the Location) as per the advise of our representative within 1 week from the discussion.
4. We will send you the Letter of Intent Agreement for Rs. 10,000/-(Deposit towards Location Feasability Charges), only if we are confident about your financial capacity to do our business.
5. We will travel to your location at our expenses and will complete the feasability test.
6. If your location is approved to do our business, we will send you the franchise agreement draft.
7. Once we issue franchise agreement draft, you must be ready with your firm name, firm registration, gst number, bank account (You have to complete these formalities within 15 days from our approval).
8. You have to transfer the Franchise Fee before signing the agreement.
9. After signing the agreement, we will share the designs relating to 2D & 3D (within 8 Working Days)
10. You will be invited to our head office for signing of the agreement.

Following are the 60 days schedule for the restaurant startup from the date of signing of the agreement:

Day 1 to 10: Consultation towards plumbing, electrical, civil, tile works, false ceiling, fountain, paint, local authority approvals)
Day 11 to 20: Recruitment process and sharing the staff details.
Day 21 to 30: Raw Material Supply.
Day 31 to 40: Implementation of the Setup.
Day 41 to 50: Food Trail & Tasting.
Day 51 to 60: Implementation of Marketing Activities & Grand Opening.
Do you provide manpower?
What is the manpower quits the job without prior intimation?
We provide hierarchy which can with stand any situation.
Do you provide manpower replacement?
Yes. We will provide the replacement within 8 working days.
What are the materials which will be supplied from Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala Team?
Kitchen Equipment
Exhaust & Fresh Air System
Operation Tools
Packing Materials
POS, software Hardware & CCTV
Furniture & Complete Brand Interior Elements
House Keeping & Safety Tools
How many outlets of Tandooriwala are there in India and how many at overseas?
We are presently having 24 stores successfully operating at India and 9 Overseas. We are going to open 200 stores by 2025 across the globe.
Who is going to pay the transportation of project material?
The Franchisee must take care of all transportation expenses on actual.
What are the other expenses to be attended by the franchisee?
Travel and accommodation expenses of all staffs reporting to work with the franchisee outlet. Company staffs (Franchisor) travel and accommodation expenses. Daily allowance of Rs. 1500 per person from the company must be paid against number of days the company staff stay to implement the project of the Franchisee. There will be 3 staffs from the company visiting your location to implement the project.
What if I have to close my Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala business due to some circumstances?
We will buy back or will appoint a new franchisee.
What if I have to change the location of the business?
You can change the location of the business anytime but, we will have to charge you for all the support which we may have to provide to reset the restaurant operations at the new location.
Will you support us in getting all the permissions and approval to start the business?
Can we change the interior as per our choice?
Can we do the project by ourselves locally?
Who is going to pay the staff salary?
The Franchisee has to pay the staff salary.
How many staffs are required for the business?
Investment Models. Investment One Investment Two Investment Three Food Court Cloud Kitchen
Area (Min - Max). 1500 Sqft - 2000 Sqft 1000 Sqft - 1500 Sqft 500 Sqft - 1000 Sqft 250 Sqft - 500 Sqft 1500 Sqft - 2000 Sqft
Total No of Staffs. 24 18 12 6 4
What are the documents which you will be sharing with the franchisee?
1. Letter of Intent. 2. Franchise Agreement. 3. Recipe Manual. 4. Standard Operating Procedure. 5. Human Resource Policy. 6. Software Manual. 7. Costing Manual.
Do we have to provide staff accommodation?
When we should pay the Royalty?
Quarterly from the date of starting of the restaurant. The Royalty should be paid 1st date of the month.
What are the reasons to choose Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala Franchise?
1. Business headed by the renowed chef.
2. Brand founded & managed by Chef Shajahan Mohamed Abdul.
3. The best and complete staffing solution from the experts. Continuous staffing support.
4. The best information technology to manage your business effortlesly.
5. Feel like family in all our business dealings.
6. Internationally recognized brand.
7. Continuous marketing support.
8. Highly respected brand from India.
9. Transparent business dealings at all times.
10. Interesting Menu with best eye apealing plating.
11. We use our own masala, marinade and rubs to all our menu items for quality consistancy.
12. Awarded with following accolades:
The Best Chef Led Restaurant Chain 2016 - Cremia. Winner of Restaurant India Award 2017 - Franchise India. The Best Indian Menu of the Year 2017 - Asian Food Awards. Innovative Chef of the Year 2018 - World Chef Awards. The Best Chef of the Year 2018 - Indian Entrepreneurs Award. Favorite Indian Origin Restaurant of the Year 2018 - Times Awards. The Best Restaurant Chain of the Year 2019 - World Signature Award. The Best Indian BBQ Restaurant Chain 2019 - Food & Hospitality Award.
What are the marketing activities which Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala will do?
1. Digital Marketing like Face Book & Instagram.
2. Reputation Management like, Google, Facebook, Zomato & Many.
3. Google Ad word Management.
4. Print adverts like paper, theatre, hoardings & regular distribution of Flyers.
5. Customer discounts.
6. Review Management.
7. Local bloggers management.
Why location selection is important for Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala business?

Not every available space is right for a restaurant. A good restaurant location is harder to find than some people think. What may look like the perfect spot- say a bustling pedestrian street in the heart of downtown- may turn out to be a dud. Other times a spot that you would never think to put a restaurant - like in an old shoe shop in a run-down mill town - is a success. Of course, food and service are important to the success of a restaurant, but the location can be just as crucial, especially in the early years. Read on for ten things you should know about selecting a restaurant location.

Parking Is a Must

People are lazy. There is just no way around it. If they have to walk a fair distance to get to your restaurant, they may opt to go somewhere else "more convenient." If you live in an urban area where everyone walks and there is public transportation, this is less of a factor. If you are thinking of a restaurant location out of town, in a place that requires you to drive to get there, you'd better have parking available. If your restaurant location doesn't come with a large parking lot, is it near a municipal parking lot for patrons to use?

Visibility Is Important

Setting up shop in a location with either high foot or car traffic is ideal. Making your restaurant (or restaurant sign) visible to the public is like free advertising. It reminds them that your restaurant exists and they should stop by for dinner sometime.

Size Does Matter

Even the smallest bistro or coffee shop requires adequate space for a kitchen, walk-in refrigerator, dry storage and an office for paperwork. Your dining room needs space for a wait-station and possibly a bar. What looks like a huge space for rent can quickly fill up with all the equipment needed to open a restaurant.

Understand the Curse

Some locations house one failed restaurant after another. Soon people associate the space - not necessarily the individual restaurant- with bad service, poor food, and lacklustre ambiance. 

Put Safety First

One of the first steps in choosing a restaurant location is finding out if the building is up to code. Does it have proper wiring, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, handicap-accessible doors, restrooms, ramps? A walk through the building with your local code enforcement officer will help you determine what needs to be done to a space before you open a restaurant.

Know Your Neighbours

When looking for a restaurant location, consider who else is doing business in the neighbourhood. Are there already half a dozen restaurants with the same concept as yours? Is the area busy or full of empty storefronts? Successful businesses attract other successful businesses.

If You Build It, They Won't Always Come

Many restaurants are located off the beaten path and do quite well. But choosing to open a restaurant out of town, in a remote area is a gamble. Customers might visit for special occasions, but not on a regular basis.

You Can Negotiate Your Restaurant Lease

Many people are surprised to find out that they can haggle with prospective landlords about a lease. Not just about the monthly rent, but also about who pays for things like heat, snow removal, lawn care, general maintenance. Don't be afraid to ask for concessions when looking to rent restaurant space.

Don't Be Impulsive

You may visit one spot and decide that it is "the one." Before you start sketching out the dining room, be sure to visit multiple sites. And visit prospective restaurant sites during different times of days, during the week and on weekends. For example, is the area really busy during the work day and dead at night and on weekends? Patience pays off when selecting a restaurant space.

Understand the Commitment You Are Making

Before you sign a multi-year lease, consider the consequences if your restaurant fails. It isn't pleasant to think about, but if you are roped into a five or ten-year lease, your landlord can still demand monthly rent, even if you are out of businesses. Ask for a one or two year lease to start. Once you have established a successful restaurant, you can sign a longer lease.

Who owns Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala?
9Pax Restaurant Consultants Pvt Ltd.
What is the Hierarchy of Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala company?
Name Designation Name Designation
Abhay Kumar CEO Chef Shajahan M Abdul Founder & Managing Director.
Rijesh Christadas Corporate Chef Narayana Murthy Legal Advisory.
Vijay Singh GM (Projects) Neelam Prasad Training Chef
Ravi Nandan Lead Architect Laxmi Narayana Murthy Food Cost Auditor
Roshan Head Chef (Pre-Opening & Post Opening Support) Shivamani Lead Graphic Designer
Anil Kumar GM (Pre-Opening & Post Opening Support) Sedu Prakash HRM
Rafi Ahmed IT Specialist Karishma Sunil Recruitment &Talent Acquisition Officer
Monika Mathur GM (Business Development) Mohamed Ashwaq Recruitment Officer
Sheetal Ram Staff Welfare Management Officer Asif Ahmed Franchise Customer Support
Priyanka Sachdev BDO
What are the secret spices supplied by Tandooriwala?
  • All Indian Mother Gravies.
  • Indian & International Cuisine Masalas.
  • Rubs & Marinades.
  • Ready to Cook Premixes.
Who will supply the raw materials like vegetables, poultry, seafood and meat?
We have nationwide tie-up for most of the ingredients. Others will be sourced locally to maintain the freshness.
Can I just invest in Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala and expect good returns?
Yes. If you are willing to just invest and expect us to take of the business is also possible. Please contact us for more information.
How many hours I have to spend to manage the business on daily basis?
You must atleast spend 8 hours a day and take 2 weekly off's.
What are the training provided to the Franchisee by Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala and where?

Following are the training provided by Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala:

  • Software Training.
  • Inventory Management & Cost Control Training.
  • SOP Introduction & Training.
  • Recipe Manual Training.
  • Purchase, Receive, Store & Issue Standards Training.
  • Food Safety & Sanitation Training.
Can we change the menu as per our choice?
Yes but, we will take the final decision.
Can we change the menu price as per our location?
No, we will advise the best menu pricing as per your location and considering your overheads.