Work Flow
1. Apply Online (Form Link) 2. Our Representative Will Call you For The Discussion
3. Send us the location details (Photos & Videos of the Location) as per the advise of our representative within 1 week from the discussion 4. We Will Send You The Letter Of Intent Agreement For Rs. 10,000/-(Deposit Towards Location Feasability Charges), Only If We Are Confident About Your Financial Capacity To Do Our Business
5. We Will Travel To Your Location At Our Expenses And Will Complete The Feasability Test 6. If Your Location Is Approved To Do Our Business, We Will Send You The Franchise Agreement Draft
7. Once We Issue Franchise Agreement Draft, You Must Be Ready With Your Firm Name, Firm Registration, Gst Number, Bank Account (You Have To Complete These Formalities Within 15 Days From Our Approval) 8. You Have To Transfer The Franchise Fee Before Signing The Agreement
9. After Signing The Agreement, We Will Share The Designs Relating To 2D & 3D (Within 8 Working Days) 10. You Will Be Invited To Our Head Office For Signing Of The Agreement

Following Are The 60 Days Schedule For The Restaurant Startup From The Date Of Signing Of The Agreement:
Day 1 To 10: Consultation Towards Plumbing, Electrical, Civil, Tile Works, False Ceiling, Fountain, Paint, Local Authority Approvals)
Day 11 To 20: Recruitment Process And Sharing The Staff Details
Day 21 To 30: Raw Material Supply
Day 31 To 40: Implementation Of The Setup
Day 41 To 50: Food Trail & Tasting
Day 51 To 60: Implementation Of Marketing Activities & Grand Opening