Dry Gobi Manchurian
(Cauliflower florets mixed in Manchurian batter and crispy fried)
Peri Peri Crispy Smoked Mushroom
(Oyster mushrooms marinated & smoked in Tandoor, which is flash fried in peanut oil & peri peri sauce)
Herby Mirchi Paneer
(Soft & delicious paneer marinated in mint & Indian spices which is BBQ & covered with puffed masala papdi.)
Tandooriwala Khazaana
(Chef’s special varieties from the tales of clay oven through the amazing journey of Indian cuisine)
Peanut Pesto Tandoori Gobi
(Crunchy cauliflower marinated in Indo-Italian fusion pesto sauce & BBQ in Tandoor)
Kashmiri Aloo
(Smoked potatoes mixed with cream, dry fruits, spices and herbs, which is crispy fried with spiced corn slurry)
Hara Bara Mehakaana
(Enjoy our traditional shallow fried kebab made from potatoes, spinach, mint, fenugreek leaves & fresh coriander leaves stuffed with cheese & dry fruits)
Jannat e Tikka
(Chef’s special varieties of paneer BBQ)
Smoked Chilli Paneer
(Soft cottage cheese BBQ in tandoor & served on the bed of Indian chilli sauce)
Bhutte Da Punjaab Di
(Mince babycorn & cauliflower mixed with Indian fresh spices)
Chirangey Broccoli
(Spicy & nutty combination of taste with the twist of Italian spices)
Paneer Bhutta Lollipop
(Lollipop made from minced corn & cottage cheese)
Dadima Ki Achaari Karishmey
(We all know that grandma’s recipes are the best & we have just made up a dish with combination of various vegetables & cheese in a single platter)
Seekh Sathrangi
(Flavourful varieties of Chef special kebabs made from interesting local ingredients with twist of the taste)
Tundey Seekh Kebab
(Juicy soft kebab from Awadh cuisine BBQ over hot charcoal)
Chicken Bihari Kebab
(Murg Bihari prepared by adding Chef’s secret spices which makes this kebab remarkably tender)
Chicken Ghee Roast Kebab (Tandoor Specialty)
(Juicy bone chicken marinated in traditional ground masala & BBQ in tandoor by sweating the chicken meat with pure ghee)
Tandoori Crispy Chicken Kebab Bone
(Crispy chicken cuts with bone marinated in delicious Indian BBQ sauce & slow cooked in tandoor)
Pudina Cheese Chicken Kebab
(Refreshingly delicious chicken meats marinated in flavourful spices, fresh mint leaves & stuffed with cheese)
Spicy Dhania Chicken Malai Kebab
(Juicy boneless chicken marinated in special tenderizers along with fresh nati (organic) coriander leaves)
Chicken Balouchi Kebab
(A dish to remember with Chef’s special ingredients from Punjabi dhaba cuisine)
Chicken Balouchi Kebab
(A dish to remember with Chef’s special ingredients from Punjabi dhaba cuisine)
Bawarchi Chicken Kebab
(Our Chef’s signature recipes prepared with the combination of Tandoor & Chinese kitchen)
Sher - e - Punjabi Chicken
(Succulent chicken morsels marinated in aromatic spices & herbs straight from the land of Punjab)
Fish Amritsari Kebab
(This is a dish from Punjab, India, and is sold in streets corner in Amritsar & make sure to squeeze lemon juice and dip in mint-cilantro chutney before eating)
Fish Tempura Kebab
(A Japanese fusion dish which is crispy and flavourful with Indian spices)
Sultani Paan Fish Tikka
(Sea fish morsels marinated in aromatic spices & beetle leaves)
Desi Pesto Fish Kebab
(Soft sea fish marinated in peanut basil sauce & aromatic lite spices & herbs)
Kabuli Fish Tikka
(Fish boneless marinated in mixed spices & herbs & BBQ is Tandoor)
Thai Fish Kebab
(Ground red BBQ Thai masala is rubbed over soft fish fillet & shallow fried)
Spicy Mexican Fish Tikka
(Boneless fish marinated in Mexican ground spices & herbs & grilled over the charcoal)
Ghost Chilli Fish Tikka
(The spiciest boneless fish cooked over the pan with whole spicy chilli)
Ajwaini Fish Kebab
(Fish fillet marinated in delicious Ajwaini masala & BBQ in tandoor)