Anda Pudina Pakodi
(Egg gravy prepared with spicy & creamy tomato sauce in which crispy chickpea fried eggs which is coated with mint & coriander paste)
Anda Curry
(Egg curry made from fresh ground spices, fresh tomatoes & coconut paste)
Rayalaseema Anda Masala
(Egg soaked in spicy masala cooked with tomato & onion gravy which is finished with rich cream)
Anda Manchurian Masala
(Crispy fried eggs cooked in spicy & delicious Manchurian masala)
Murgh Tikka Masala
(Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce)
Butter Chicken (Bone/ Boneless)
(Our world’s favourite dish prepared from tomato & Cashewnuts gravy which is garnished with cream & butter)
Kadai Murgh Boneless
(This spicy & yummy North Indian recipe tastes juicy with distinct flavour of bell peppers, onions, ground fresh spices & juicy chicken)
Murg Hyderabadi
(One of the most spicy & piquant sought after curries in India, the perfect blend of the spices emanates a luring aroma that is only satisfied when gorged on)
Moghlai Murgh Tawa
(Savourful Moghlai recipe made with yoghurt, garam masala, cashews & egg which is finished with fresh cream, topped with a sizzling tempering of red chillies & coriander)
Murgh Dum Pukt
(Chicken cooked in dum pot with fresh ground spices & fresh herbs which is covered with dough & slow cooked)
Murg Methi Kashmiri
(Chicken cooked in fresh fenugreek leaves & ground Kashmiri spices)
Punjabi Mutton
(Spicy & delicious lip smacking Punjabi dish prepared in tomato & onion gravy in which soft marinated mutton morsels are cooked gently)
Chettinad Mutton
(Chettinad mutton Curry is spicy, thick and full of wonderful flavours in which mutton chunks are marinated in a thick spicy masala & cooked to perfection)
Mutton Kali Mirch
(Kali Mirch Ka gosht bahut hi laziz aur bahut hi tasty hota hai ... Try kijiye aapko bahut Pasand aayega...)
Mutton Rogan Josh
(An aromatic mutton dish from the Persian cuisine from the valley of Kashmir)
Mutton Laal Maas
(This fiery red mutton curry from the desserts of Rajasthan is made from red chilli, creamy yoghurt, ground masala & lots of ghee)
Ghee Macchi Jal Saag
(Fish fillet sautéed with fresh spices & ghee which is cooked in green paste made from fresh fenugreek leaves, mint leaves & coriander leaves)
Macchi Kali Mirch
(Boneless fish cooked in spicy & creamy aromatic pepper gravy)
Malabar Macchi Curry
(Aromatic and spicy fish curry, which is a perfect melange of boneless basa fish cooked to perfection in a coconut base gravy and southern spices)
Macchi Mirch Kadi Masala
(Crispy fried fish morsels coated with aromatic chickpea flour & cooked in spicy chilli & creamy yoghurt masala)