Kalmi Kebab
(Thigh part of chicken marinated in yoghurt flavoured with cardamom and cooked in day oven)
Murg Tikka Zaffrani
(Succulent boneless chicken pieces deliciously spiced with saffron & gold leaf)
Tandoori Chicken Tikka
(Tender cubes of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, grilled in the clay oven)
Murg Tikka Hara Bara
(Chicken Cubes marinated in Curd, mint and coriander)
Tandoori Chicken (Half/Full)
(Tender spring chicken marinated in curd and selected herbs)
Burrah Chops Lazeez
(Tender mutton chips marinated in yoghurt cream and tandoori spices cooked in day oven)
Kakori Seekh Kabab
(Fine Minced lamb marinated in spicy Indian herbs)
Gilafi Seekh Kabab
(Mildly spiced minced coated with onion, capsicum & tomato, wrapped around skewers and cooked in clay oven)
Boti Kabab
(Tender boneless mutton with chef special spices & cooked in clay oven)
Fish Tikka Methi Malai
(Cubes of fish marinated fenugreek leaves & cream)
Chilli Mint Prawns
(Jumbo Prawns marinated with mint, chilli and cooked in clay oven)
Tandoori Lobster (Medium/Big)
(Whole lobster marinated in tandoori spices cooked in clay oven)
Lamb & Chicken Khazane (Regular)
(2PC Chicken seek kebab, 2 pc mutton seek kebab, 4pc chicken tikka, 4pc Malai tikka, 1pc T.Chicken, 2pc lamb chops)
Malai Seekh Kabab
(Minced chicken Marinated in cashew & Brown onion based mild Seekh kabab from the day oven)