Jaipuri Veg Tawa
(An interesting dish prepared from aromatic spices, garden fresh veggies and soft cheese)
Pahadi Mushroom Tawa
(Oyster mushroom cooked in freshly ground spices, fresh grated coconut and curry leaves)
Ra Ra Paneer Tawa
(The most popular and aromatic ra ra dish in which soft cottage cheese is cooked in tawa)
Multani Aloo Mirch Tawa
(Potato balls tossed in fresh herbs, freshly ground spices and chilli flakes)
Kohinoor Tawa Pakodi
(Crispy pakodi cooked in delicious onion and cashewnut gravy)
Dal Tadka
(Every kitchens favourite recipe made from freshest ingredients & breads favourite companion)
Dal Makhani
(Our famous Punjabi dish made from whole black lentil, red kidney beans, butter and cream)
Sabz Hyderabadi
(Delicious treat from the kitchens of Nawab in which best of the seasonal vegetables are cooked in creamy onion gravy & ground spices)
Mushroom Kolhapuri
(Fresh mushrooms are cooked in thick & spicy coconut based aromatic gravy)
Kadi Pakodi
(An Punjabi favourites made from thick yoghurt base curry in which besan fritters are dipped)
Green Peas Masala
(Delicious green peas cooked in rich tomato onion gravy & cream)
Palak Paneer
(Your all-time favourite dish from the punjab region, consisting of paneer in a thick paste made from puréed spinach and seasoned with garlic, garam masala, and other spices)
Sabz Kadai
(Vegetables cooked to perfection in kadai with freshly ground kadai masala)
Paneer Handi
(Spicy & creamy recipes made from special yoghurt based gravy)
Paneer Makhani
(Creamy dish of paneer made from tomato based butter gravy in which BBQ paneer is cooked along with aromatic ground spices)
Paneer Tikka Masala
(Delicious paneer cooked along with capsicum, tomatoes & onions which are cooked in rick tikka masala gravy)
Paneer Amritsari
(Fried paneer fritters cooked in rich creamy onion & tomato based gravy)
Paneer Methi Chaman
(Delicious dish made from cashew, paneer & cream with freshly ground fenugreek leaves & ground spices)
Mushroom Dhansak
(Parsi dish made from lentils & onion base gravy in which mushrooms are cooked along with ground spices & tomatoes)
Shahi Paneer
(Paneer cooked in rich yoghurt & cashewnut based gravy)
Adhraki Dhania Paneer
(Paneer cooked in fresh coriander & garlic paste along with rich cream & fried onions)
Kadai Paneer
(Paneer and colourful bell peppers are sautéed in spicy tomato gravy)
Veg Rajasthani Lal Masala
(Redolent, fiery & flavourful Rajastani curry cooked with minimal spices & rich tomato & cream gravy)
Veg Manchurian Masala
(Deep fried veg balls in spicy Manchurian gravy of corn flour, red chilli paste, soya sauce & tomato sauce)
Malai Kofta Masala
(This hugely popular dish is made from paneer, potato & khova which needs labour of love & takes time & effort)